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Quebec Immigration: A Complete Guide To Migrate To Quebec, Canada


Quebec Immigration: A Complete Guide To Migrate To Quebec, Canada

Quebec is a province in Canada that has a plethora of attractive features. In addition to the verdant forest, clean air, and impressive natural beauty, Quebec is one of the most European countries in North America. What makes Quebec so appealing to immigrants is not just its incredible natural assets but also importantly its diverse population.

In Quebec, you will find French, English, and American people. There are also Asians, Africans, and South Americans. These people speak different languages; they have different cultural values and different lifestyles. And yet all these peoples live together in relative harmony.

The people of Quebec are generally welcoming and warm. Some of them speak French – which is not very difficult for foreigners to learn. In addition, there are English and Spanish-speaking communities in the province that can aid those who do not know French.

Life in Quebec is therefore relaxed and appealing because people don’t feel excluded at all. The province’s economy is also stable. This makes it easy to secure a job and settle in Quebec permanently with confidence.

How To Migrate To Quebec, Canada

There are several ways how you can migrate to Quebec, Canada and the immigration programs are:

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Quebec Skilled worker immigration

Quebec immigration is often referred to as the Quebec Skilled Worker immigration program as it is based on a set of criteria for admission. The criteria include having work experience and skills, graduate degrees, or a good academic record.

For applicants who meet the criteria, they are given points depending on their age, education, and work experience. The applicant with more points is normally referred to the front of the line for immigration expedited processing times.

Quebec Investor immigration

The Quebec investor immigration or Quebec Investors program is based on the same criteria as the skilled worker program. The investor will have to meet all of the criteria, however, they are not eligible for a points allocation but must prove a minimum net worth of being able to fund their own settlement in Canada.

For both Immigrant programs, you can begin the preparation process online at Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

Quebec Experience Program

You can migrate to Canada by qualifying for the Quebec Experience Program. The program allows individuals to apply for permanent residence under special circumstances or have already been living in Canada, as a temporary resident, outside of Quebec and make an application based on a streamlined process.

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Quebec Self Employed Route

This program allows those who are self-employed to apply for permanent residence. This is an excellent option for those who already have a business and want to stay on good terms with the Quebec community and government.

The requirements are: You must have $100,000 CAD and a minimum of two years of experience to get valid approval to practice your profession within that province/territory.

Employment Route

You can also move to Quebec, Canada by getting a Work Visa under the Quebec Skilled Worker Visa Program. This program allows individuals to apply for permanent residence if their employer is willing to sponsor them, or they apply independently.


To be eligible: You must have a job offer from a Canadian employer in Quebec and you must have sufficient settlement funds, depending on the number of family members that are accompanying you.

Requirements to Apply for Quebec Immigration

Once you have made up your mind about immigrating to Quebec, Canada, you will need to prepare the following documentation:

Your passport is a travel document valid for at least six months after your expected date of arrival in Quebec. If possible, apply for a visa or electronic travel authorization as this will help you enter Canada faster and hassle-free.

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Valid employment document confirming that you have been employed by your company/organization in the past.

You must have a valid license that shows your professional experience if you intend to migrate with the self-employed route.

Has an evaluation done by a certified translator to confirm your level of French proficiency is at least the minimum level required (B1) in Quebec? And if you do not speak French, then an official translation must be made by a court-appointed translator.

You will also need to answer a few questions regarding you and your family members’ travel history; along with any previous criminal convictions if any. Make sure you prepare everything correctly because there is a possibility that your application can be rejected depending on your answers, in addition to the documents submitted for processing.


Quebec is a province that attracts a lot of people. There are several reasons why so many people want to migrate to Quebec, Canada and the main one is they would like to live in a community that is culturally diverse, has progressive values, and where they can still enjoy nature in all its glory.

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