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10 Best Immigration Lawyers in Toronto, Canada


10 Best Immigration Lawyers in Toronto, Canada

Immigration can be a life-altering decision with both opportunities and challenges. When moving to Toronto, Canada, having legal guidance that ensures a smooth and successful immigration journey is of utmost importance. We will discuss some of the top immigration lawyers in Toronto who can support your journey successfully. In this article, we will identify some of these outstanding legal experts.

Best ways to find the best immigration lawyers in Toronto, Canada

Finding an experienced immigration lawyer in Toronto, Canada can be challenging; here are five important strategies for selecting one:

  1. Reaching the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC)
  2. Online
  3. Community Center
  4. Referrals
  5. Visit community centers near your area.

Best Immigration Lawyers in Toronto, Canada

Here is the list of the best immigration lawyers in Toronto, Canada, who can help you arrange your visas, work and residency permits, etc. This list is a combination of both law firms and individual lawyers.

1. Niren and Associates

Niren and Associates in Toronto is widely respected for providing exceptional immigration law services. Boasting over four decades of experience, their team of dedicated lawyers offers tailored, knowledgeable guidance to clients worldwide in matters related to Canadian immigration law – such as work permits, study permits, family sponsorship, and express entry applications.

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2. Green and Spiegel LLP

Green and Spiegel LLP is an esteemed immigration law firm with offices in Toronto and other major Canadian cities. Their team of expert attorneys strives to assist individuals and families with their immigration needs; handling complex matters such as refugee claims, humanitarian applications and appeals with precision and efficiency.

3. Matthew Jeffery, Barrister & Solicitor

Matthew Jeffery is an esteemed immigration attorney based out of Toronto who is well-regarded for his experience handling various cases related to immigration law. His legal services cover permanent residency applications, citizenship applications, and appeals – with individual attention always in mind and striving to produce optimal outcomes for his clients.

4. Ackah Business Immigration Law

Ackah Business Immigration Law in Toronto is an esteemed immigration firm that caters to both individuals and businesses alike, providing expert advice on various immigration matters like temporary work permits, intra-company transfers, provincial nominee programs and provincial nominee programs. Their extensive expertise in business immigration allows clients to navigate its complex regulatory landscape efficiently.

5. Evelyn Ackah of Ackah Business Immigration Law

Evelyn Ackah is an esteemed immigration attorney known for helping individuals and businesses alike with their immigration needs. With her focus on ethics and personalized service, Evelyn has earned the trust of both clients and peers alike.

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6. Bellissimo Law Group

Bellissimo Law Group is an established immigration law firm with its main office located in Toronto and serving clients both across Canada and internationally. Their team of highly-skilled lawyers specialize in handling various immigration cases such as inadmissibility hearings, citizenship applications and judicial reviews – providing effective yet reliable legal solutions to their client base.

7. Ronald Poulton of Bellissimo Law Group’s Immigration Department

Ronald Poulton is an esteemed immigration attorney at Bellissimo Law Group, known for his in-depth knowledge and strong advocacy abilities in immigration matters such as sponsorship agreements, humanitarian and compassionate applications and refugee claims.

8. Desloges Law Group

Desloges Law Group in Toronto is widely known for its customized and strategic approach to immigration cases, serving clients in need with skilled worker applications, family sponsorship applications, appeals hearings and appeals processes. Their team of experienced lawyers assists their clients with all matters related to immigration including skilled worker applications, family sponsorship applications and appeals.

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9. Giovanni Desloges of Desloges Law Group

Giovanni Desloges is an award-winning immigration attorney with extensive knowledge of Canadian immigration law and is dedicated to providing exceptional legal guidance for individuals and families looking to immigrate to Canada. As founder of Desloges Law Group, Giovanni provides outstanding representation for anyone attempting to immigrate here.

10. Long Mangalji LLP

Long Mangalji LLP of Toronto is an established immigration law firm known for its expertise in business immigration and corporate immigration matters. Their services range from LMIA applications, work permits for foreign employees, permanent residency applications through various immigration programs as well as LMIA renewal.

Final Words

Navigating Canada’s immigration system can be both complex and intimidating for those unfamiliar with its legal requirements and processes, so having trusted legal allies such as those found among Toronto’s top immigration attorneys is vital in order to navigate its complexities efficiently and advocate for your best interests.

These expert lawyers can make all the difference when applying for work permits, family sponsorship or permanent residency – they’re invaluable allies who will help make sure your Canadian dream comes true!

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